Monday, 1 March 2010

A Letter to the 'Gaurds' of Jannat ul Baqi

I was just thinking ,'Now wouldn't it be nice if someone could communicate some information to the gaurds or 'religious police' and give them a diferent point of view'.
I cam up with this letter.Here it is:

To the Institution for Education at Jannat ul Baqi,
All praise be to Allah, who is the Lord of the worlds. The Lord of our souls. The Master of our fate.
You are standing at a very holy place. You may not think so because of your training of the beliefs of Abdul Wahab .who was influenced by Ibn Tayimiyyah’s teachings, who in turn ,followed the teachings of Ibn Hanbal who belonged to the Sunni sect of Islam.Ibn Hanbal was born at least a century and a half after the demise of the Prophet. How can what he preached be called ‘early Islam’? He never even saw the Prophet or witnessed his preachings.
During his life, however, was the reign of the 7thand 8th divinely ordained Imams; Imam Musa Kazim and Imam Ali Raza, peace be on them both. These Imams preached ‘early Islam’yet carried out their mission under strict and very hostile political circumstances. They inherited the divine guidance from the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) and Hazrat Ali as about whom Prophet Muhammad has said ;’I am the City of Knowledge and Ali is it’s Gate’.
Oh! Gaurds ofJannat ul Baqi! Where you are standing are the kin and progeny of the Holy Prophet; about whom Allah says :
‘Say , O Muhammad! I do not want from you any recompense for my preaching to you except that you should love my kin.’ Chapter Al-Shura (42:23).
It seems the kings of Saudi Arabia, have more respect and importance in the eyes of it’s people than does the Last Prophet of Allah, Peace be upon him and his family. The Kings’ garments ,swords and relics are preserved in museums. While anything connected to the Prophet or his family is being destroyed or already has been.
There is more information on the Royal family than there is on the Prophet of Islam.And the Prophet is
Rahmat ul lil Aalameen;a Mercy unto all creation.
Oh, Saudi guards! You are being paid to do the wrong thing. There is a wealth of knowledge at your feet. Yet you are oblivious to the blessings that are attached to them. Even if you do not believe in Imammate , if you read history you will undoubtedly find them to have possessed incomparable piety and infallibility. Attachment to them is attachment to Allah.
The most important personalities buried here are:
Imam Hassan
Imam Zainul Abideen
Imam Muhammad Bakar
Imam Jafar Sadiq
And possibly
Hazrat Fatima (peace and blessings be on them all)
They were all martyred by the enemies of Allah, the enemies of Islam.Hence, they are still alive.
Allah says, Do not call those who die in the way of Allah as dead. They are alive, but you do not have a sense of that life.
Allah gives them sustenance even though they are buried underground.
Though they are not physically present among us, their sacrifices give life and vitality to our religion. It reminds us of the true purpose of life. It encourages us to make the greatest sacrifices as they have ,to attain closeness to our Creator.
No one can get guidance except by the Will of Allah .Even from the Quran,different people derive different interpretations . .Although, the Quran was revealed to all of humanity, not just muslims. Yet, to some it guides and to others, it causes to stray.
That is why the Prophet has said :
The likeness of my Ahle bait is the Ark of Noah, whoever gets in it ,is saved, whoever doesn’t , drowns.
Only the Ahlebait can explain the hidden meanings of the Quran.
He also said: ‘I am leaving two things behind, the Quran and my Ahle bait .The two will not separate until meeting me at the fountain of Kauther.’
Who was better in the Sunnah of the Prophet than the Ahle bait?
When Allah made Hazrat Adam as, he blew some of His spirit into him.We all have the spirit of Allah inside us.That is what makes us alive.
All praise is due to Allah. Even when I praise a flower, I am praising God. Is that shirk too?Does that mean one is equating a flower with Allah? Or even connecting it with Him.In salah whilst performing sajdah we place our heads on the ground, does that mean we are equating that small area of ground with Allah?
On the day of resurrection we would like the Prophet ‘s blessing.Yet, in this world we are trampling upon his teachings.
The Prophet was the practical Quran in human form .
He has said: ‘I and Ali are of one Divine Light’.
So, Ali is Quran in human form.And then Hassan and Hussain and so on until today our Imam e Asr is the protector of Quran and the Word of Allah and for whom all Muslims and non- muslims are waiting.
Oh! Gaurds! May Allah guide you to the right path. And may you no longer torture and harass pilgrims who know better than you and who come from faraway lands to pay their respects to the Divine personalities resting there.
Unfortunate are you,who are standing all day at one of the holiest of places yet your thoughts are far removed from any aspect of holiness.
My advice for you all is to find new jobs and rediscover Allah and Islam. Study different points of view .And question what you believe.
Open your mind. Be tolerant of other peoples’ views.
Restudy Abdul Wahab and how he spread his views.And also the life of Hazrat Ali and Nahjul Balagha –his sermons and Imam Zainul Abideen and Sahifa e Sajjadiya-his supplications(who is buried in Jannat ul Baqi).You will be transported into history and will see the difference, God willing.
In the end,I’d like to say there is no compulsion in religion.
As Allah has said : ‘To you your religion, to me my religion’.
MayAllah guide you to the right path and may you discover the true spirit of Islam.



Saturday, 13 February 2010

Evolution of Muslim Thought

I realize while researching for the blog,is that the sacred graveyard is only the tip of the iceberg. The real issues are symbolized by the desecration of this site.
Although, this site is holy for all muslims, it holds a special place for the shiites.
Once upon a time there was one islam. But, the unfortunate reality today is that as soon as the Holy Prophet Muhammad pbuh &hf left this world, innovations,ommissions and misinterpretation of the faith took place. It didn't take very long for people whose eyes were on their own benefits to steer events in their favour .Even less than hours. Infact, their mission started while the last of the Messengers was still on his death bed.
And he had prophesised this.
Yet, true believers practiced patience and continued to do good in their own way despite the political environment at the time.
I consider this blog, a platform for revealing what I believe to be the truth, in my own small but significant way.
A way of uncovering and ridding our faith of disgusting synonyms ,now accepted globally,because of certain muslim population's radical views on Islam .
These views are more damaging to us than any bomb or famine,because they trample upon the principles and beliefs of the Message of God and harm humanity by affecting human thought.

Ironically, in the name of Islam itself.
I find this hard to digest.
This is not a reality I would like to support with my silence.Falsehood always shows it's true colours. And though, the purpose of my blog is to unite, Muslims in love;the love of the Prophet, the Ahlubait and their Creator.
It is not to divide and dissect and rule.
The only ruler is Allah.There is no King but Him.And no truth but,His.
The sooner we realize that , the better.
The world is waiting for Muslims to rise and wake up to the task at hand.
After all, only we hold the solutions to the problems we are facing.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A Different Islam

This was the beginning of the movement to change the face of Islam -or divide it.An attack was made on the shrine of Imam Hussain in Karbala ,by the followers of Abdul Wahab.But these measures could not hamper the flow of pilgrims to holy shrines including jannatul baqi or alter their belief regarding holy shrines and thus, pilgrims thronged to pay their respects to the holy personalities at Baqi.
In 1925,however,under the reign of King Abdul Aziz Al Saud,the holy graveyard was completely demolished. This marks a sad day not only for the shiites , but for muslims all over the world.It is seen as an act of blasphemy committed by Saudi government in an attempt to enforce their version of Islam on the rest of the world.And to this day, protests and demonstrations are carried out against this atrocity.

The sad part is that it is Muslims who are on both sides of the front lines.
Yet, this issue is grave.It involves Muslims all over the world.According to the Islam preached by Abdul Wahab, the Holy Prohet's tomb should be demolished.And it was infact attacked by them and later restored by the Ottomans.
What a shame , in a day and age where there are all kinds of distractions from true faith and the purpose of life, that the Muslims should with their own hands desecrate sites that act as spiritual revival for it's pilgrims and the world.
These sites are no one's personal property.
They belong to the Ummah.
It is time to unleash them from the grips of unworthy caretakers.
Let the dialogue begin.Let ideas flow.And let us free Jannat ul Baqi from the clutches of the Saudis!

My objective of starting this blog was to create a platform where, Muslims in particular and non- muslims in general could become aware of the importance of this holy site and come up with ideas and ways of restoring this graveyard and granting millions of Muslims access to pay their respects in whichever way they desire, without having paid 'scholars' shouting indecent words at you and accusing you of comitting inforgivable sins.
To achieve this end, we must delve into the world of 'Islam according to Abdul Wahab'. Also known as 'wahabi' Islam or 'salafi' Islam.the latter meaning the early('unadulterated' Islam').
This is the beginning of many divisions within the Muslim world.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

How it All Began

In the history of the Muslim Ummah,even during the Prophet's life there were controversies and differences of opinion in matters of daily life.
But, the messenger of Allah was always there to point right from wrong.After his death,to this day there is not one united Muslim view.We have been dissected and labelled ,by either ourselves or outside forces.
We all recite one Kalima(declaration of faith), believe in One God and recite one Quran- or do we?Throughout the ages muslims of the world have held different views on Islam and Allah and basically on life in general.It is no surprise that differences within the faith remain or rather, are more widespread today.
The solution? We should concentrate on the common issues.Be tolerant of one another.Lay the foundation for harmonious relationships within the Ummah.
But, harmony can never be brought about by suppression or silencing one party by might or power.That silence is akin to burning lava which at some point will explode and destroy all.
Harmony can only be brought about by open mindedness,tolerance,knowledge and communication .
As God has said 'To you ,be your religion, to me , my religion'
(chapter 109: verse 6)

Saudi Arabia is home to the two most Holy sites on the globe for the entire Muslim Ummah. The Holy Ka'aba and Masjid e Nabwi(The Mosque of Prophet Muhammad pbuh&hf).Yet,in 1806 an attempt was made to destroy this Prophet's tomb; not by the jews or christians or non muslims of the world,but by Muslims themselves and in the name of Islam.
Here, is a brief account of how Islamic thought was being shaped in Arabia under the motto of cleansing the faith of unislamic practices according to the beliefs of Ab dul Wahab.
In 1744 an alliance was formed between the son of Muhammad Ibn Saud, who was the ruler and prince of Al Diriyah(a town near Riyadh) and the daughter of a fugitive .religious cleric,Muhammad Ibn Abd-al-Wahab. This marriage led to the creation of a political entity where the prince had agreed to support the cause of the cleric , in 'cleansing Islam of practices of heresey' - supporting a unique definition of tauheed( Onesss Of God)and thus leading to the formation of the first Saudi state or the 'House of Saud' .
As they rose to power,they conquered most of the Arabian penninsula .A series of military conflicts ensued with the Ottoman Empire, the sharif of Makkah, and the Al-Rashid family of Ha'il, resulting in present day Saudi Arabia.

The whole object was to 'cleanse' the faith.Which they did by the sword ,even if those whom they aimed to cleanse did not wish to be 'cleansed' - resulting in massacres and the expansion of their kingdom.Pilgrims from all around the world to Makaah and Medina were persecuted if they did not believe in their version of Islam.

I wonder if this was the practice of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh&hf or rather a certain cleric rising to realize his political ambitions in the name of Islam?
Which do you think ?Pease respond.